Thursday, May 05, 2016

Job Position: Psychologist/Trainer ( Full-time), ADRA Albania

Job Position: Psychologist/Trainer
Work Place: Tirane/Fushe Kruje
Duration of contract: 2 years and 6 months (full time)

ADRA Albania has opened a vacancy for a Psychologist/Trainer in the frame of the project “Second Chance –A Chance for Life” project aims to integrate into school children that have never been registered in it and the ones that have dropped out of it, by creating an alternative and additional model to the second chance program currently offered to Roma and non Roma children enabling them to complete their mandatory education and remove them and their families from the cycle of poverty, exclusion and discrimination in the region of Kruja.
ADRA Albania develops and implements needs oriented projects and always aims for quality, innovation and diversity. ADRA Albania mobilizes communities to take sustainable responsibility for society and environment.
·            Support children socially and emotionally during school classes
·            Train the teachers of the Public School about the integration of the marginalized children and best teaching methods
·            Prepare and implement training with children 
·            Monitor and closely follow children’s integration into public school
·            Support and assist school teachers during school classes
·            Coordinate field staff in Kruja region
·            Develop and improve relations with stakeholders such as Municipality, Public schools, CPUs etc.
·            Develop relations with the marginalized communities and cooperate with them in daily problems
·            Develop and maintain relations between the marginalized communities and project staff
·            Monitor project results and ongoing activities
·            Involve in preparation of studies and baseline assessments
·            Involve in any other activity required for the well functioning of ADRA office

Necessary qualifications:
·         Education: Degree in Social Sciences preferred in Psychology
·         Experience: Minimum 2 years of work experience with children, youth and parents from the marginalized communities preferred Roma and Egyptian.
·         Languages: Knowledge in English (these skills must be proved with certificate such as IELTS, Cambridge, TOEFL, etc.)
·         Must have competency based computer skills in Microsoft (Word, Excel, PowerPoint and internet).
·         Previous working experience with NGO sector or relevant sectors.

Skills required
·        Mobilizing and facilitating communities
·        Excellent inter-personal and communication skills
·        Professional confidentiality

Documents required for the first phase of selection (all the documents in English):
·         Curriculum Vitae (please insert 2 reference contacts, preferred from your previous employer )
·         Motivation Letter (one page maximum)
If you are interested in this position, send the required information at by 19 May 2015. Only short-listed candidates will be called for an interview. 

Wednesday, August 19, 2015

Reconstruction of Vrap School in Baldushk

Vrap is a mountain village which is known for its beautiful nature and mountain slopes. Located 38 km from the Capital city this is the farthest village from Tirana. 
From the statistical data gathered in 1994, this village had 250 families with around 1100 inhabitants. During this period of time, the school of this village had around 300 students. However, population movements have affected these statistical data and currently it has been calculated that the village is inhabited by 50 families.

 The families leaving in this village have not opportunities to move in other places.  The economy of these families is based in raising agriculture products such as vegetables for their own consumptions and fruits. Due to its geographical conditions Vrap village suffers from the lack of electricity and water installations. Thus, this village faces a very low living standard. 

Regardless of these facts, in the village of Vrap exist one middle school that holds the name of this village.
“Vrapi” school has been reconstructed by ADRA Albania through the “John Arthur” donation located in England. 

The reconstruction program had improved the whole infrastructure including the: drainage of the whole building, repaired and painted ceiling and walls, floor evened and covered with ceramic titles; replacement of the old woken doors, windows and construction of iron glass windows, new lavatory pans and hand-washing basins installed with fittings, inner and outer plastering, replaced water pipes and electric cables; fixed sewage system; one water tank installed to provide permanent water for the restroom, reconstructed restrooms and in addition, daub of the inner and outer part of the building.
Through this project, ADRA Albania team had significantly improved the access to primary and secondary education for 45 children of this school. The reconstruction finishes on 20th of August 2015 by providing a convenient school environment for the beginning of the new school year. 

Sunday, June 07, 2015

Health Professional (Full-time), ADRA Albania
Closing date: 21 June 2015
ADRA works with people in poverty and distress to create just and positive change through empowering partnerships and responsible actions.
Title: Health Professional
Contract type: full-time
Duration of contract:  6 months
Duty Station: Albania
Job description
ADRA Albania is looking for a health professional who is interested especially in prevention of heart diseases and who has worked on physiotherapy. The new health professional will work within the health team which has the responsibility for implementing all the activities and projects related to health issues.
Full time means 40 hours per week 9-5h, Fridays 9-2. The new health professional should be flexible and must be available for special programs, expos, seminars and congresses. Social security covered, taxes paid.
Take part in “Love Your Heart” project which is co-financed by EU as general practitioner and develop a model for cardiovascular disease prevention which is culturally relevant for Albania. As this is a regional project, communication frequently with Italian partners (in Italian) is required.
Search for and translate relevant articles and material for information for citizens about CVD prevention. One article per week.
Actively involved in process of enrolling patients in the following programs: weight loss program (10 weeks), blood pressure program (10 weeks), and non-smoking courses (10 weeks), develop programs, provide nutritional advice, and follow patients in program closely with medical supervision. Give on the regular basis Health Education seminars, workshops, trainings etc.
Actively engaged to create and keep contact with other health institutions, organizations, doctors in order to create a network for preventing the development of cardiovascular diseases in Albania, is required. 
Enrol elderly patients in rehabilitation program after heart surgery, stroke or heart attack. Patients will stay during the day at ADRA Centre and will get lunch/tea/etc. (like a kindergarten). Follow their recovery, supervise medication, medical development, and be present during the day in case they deteriorate.
Based on the health activities of ADRA Albania, the new general practitioner will go to terrain and slum to do basic check-ups, explain very well about disease and medication, give health education, create good rapport with people, keep weekly report, monthly report, trimester report, end report after one year, in English. Keep clean and good statistics to be published later by ADRA Albania.
The new general practitioner is expected to have an excellent managerial skills with emphasis to situation analysis.
Specifically the incumbent will:
·         The implementation of the CVD prevention model in ADRA Health Centre
·         Conduct medical visit
·         Update patient records in ADRA Albania database
·         Conduct trainings, workshop and implement programs
·         Report writings
·         Performs other duties as assigned
·         Education:  Medical Background
·         Experience in counselling
·       Languages: knowledge of Italian and English is desired (these skills must be proved with certificate such as IELTS, Cambridge, TOEFL, etc.)
·         Must have competency based computer skills in Microsoft (Word, Excel, PowerPoint and internet).
·         Strict adhere to professional confidentiality
·         Excellent inter-personal and communication skills
·         Proven ability to relate well with staff at all levels and of diverse cultural background

Interested candidates should send a cover letter and CV at "Health Professional Application – Your Name" as the subject line in the following e-mail

Thursday, April 09, 2015

Food Safety at the Heart of World Health Day

The World Health Day is a global health awareness day celebrated every year on 7 April. This day is held to mark the foundation of World Health Organization and is seen as an opportunity to draw worldwide attention to major global health issues each year. Worldwide different international, regional and local events are organized related to a particular theme. The 2015 World Health Day aimed to promote the improvement of food safety- food containing harmful bacteria, viruses, parasites or chemical substances.
During this day, ADRA Albania in collaboration with Institute of Public Health of Fushe Kruja organized an awareness event in order to inform citizens that food safety is key challenge in all country. Thus it is very important to act during all the stages of the food chain in order to protect human health. During this activity, ADRA team had organized also a screening process in order to evaluate the risk factors of CVD of Fushe Kruja citizens.

Reminder of Roma rights on the International Roma Day

On the 8th of April, ADRA and the Roma of the community in Fushe Kruja called attention to the issue of rights for Roma in Albania. Each year on the International Roma day, ADRA is implementing an activity in the city but this year it was the special case that ADRA could combine it with its “Reflect Resilience” project. Because of this 45 pupils from “Qemal Stafa” and “Bakushe Visha” school were present in the activity and also took part in it. Beside the program of the Roma who were dancing, singing and delivering speeches, the students presented a sketch, posters and examined their point of view: all about the topic of equality and Roma rights. The program was leaded by the moderators Kasandra (from the community) and Arlinda (from “Bakushe Visha”).
In the end, ADRA facilitator Mira highlighted once again the most important fact: That everybody should remember  the rights of the Roma all year long.