Friday, July 25, 2014

Alesio needs your help!

Alesio in the beginning of his life nearly 6 months ago he said "Hello" to the world. After 6 months of life Alesio was admitted to Tirana public hospital, because he was diagnosed with bronchopneumonia, motor retardation and malnutrition. Currently his health condition is really bad. Alesio is 4 kilograms and his weight is the main cause of his health problems. When Alesio was born he was a very healthy child and weighed 3.5 kilograms, everything was looking good and his parents were very happy because Alesio was their first child. The problems started after two months because Alesio’s mother couldn’t feed the him with breast milk. In the absence of his mother's milk Alesio was fed with cow's milk and sugar dissolved in water. Alesio’s mother is only 15 years old and she is not able to take care of her little baby. Alesio’s mother, Adelina says she could do nothing to help her ill baby. 
For more than two years Adelina was a regular attendee of REFLECT project. When she became pregnant she stopped coming to the ADRA centre because she was violated by her mother in-law.
Now Adelina and her little baby are in Tirana hospital and are asking for your help because they don’t have anyone that can support them.  If you would like to help Alesio, please contact ADRA Albania at

Thursday, June 12, 2014

Awareness campaign against children Labor

The 12 of June is proclaimed the World Day against Child Labor. On this day, the Ministry of Social Welfare and Youth in collaboration with different NGOs that operates in Albania organized an awareness campaign to raise awareness among the public opinion about child labor. In order to organize this activity, it was requested that volunteers from different organizations working with children should take part in this initiative. ADRA’s volunteers and staff have joined this initiative.

Our Albanian and German volunteers shared information and sensitized the public opinion at the “Kavaja” street in Tirana about this issue. Today, in Albania, you can see children bagging, selling different things and cleaning car’s windows everywhere in every street and crossroad.

This has become a very problematic situation because the number of the children that are being used by their families or tutors has increased in the recent years. Of course, the money that they gain through their work is given to their parents or tutors who utilized them not for the children well being.

For this reason we sensitized the people that if they will give money to these children they will continue bagging or selling at the street. The best thing that they can do in this case is to give fruits or food and no money. ADRA Albania will continue to collaborate with the Ministry of Social Welfare and Youth in order to carry on this initiative in the upcoming months. 


Saturday, May 24, 2014

Thursday, April 17, 2014

FTESË - Shijoni Jeten!

Bashkohuni me ne pranë Qendrës tonë Shëndetsore në datat 28, 29, 30 prill! 

Merrni shërbimet nga grupi mjeksor Slloven i ardhur gjatë kësaj periudhe për 

  • seminare mbi stilin e jetës së shëndetshme (ora 15:30) dhe 

  • kurse gatimi (ora 16:00-19:00).

Mesoni si te shijome jeten ne menyre te shendetshme dhe e shishme! 

Ju mirepresim!